How to install phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

What is phpMyAdmin ?

         phpMyAdmin is PHP application which acts as interpreter between your application and MySQL in a secure way by allowing us to manipulate the database and it’s structures and even allow to parse and execute the structured queries 

How to install ….?

Please follow below commands to install phpMyAdmin 

$ sudo  apt-get update 

$ sudo apt-get install phpMyAdmin php-mbstring php-gettext

(It will prompts you to select web server, you can select apache2, dbconfig-common to be YES, finally you’ll be prompted for MySQL database password and confirm the same by once again )

  • Configuration files will be added into /etc/apache2/config-enabled directory 

$ sudo phpenmod mcrypt

$ sudo phpenmod mbstring

Finally you’ll be needed restart web server 

$ sudo systemctl restart apache2.service

$ sudo systemctl status apache2.service

Now, you can access the web interface through browser

https://local host/phpMyAdmin



You can log into interface using MySQL login and password